The Strategy Paradox

I previously linked to an interview with Michael Raynor, author of The Strategy Paradox: Why Committing to Success Leads to Failure (and What to Do About It). I think Raynor’s got something here, despite a bad review by John Moore. Actually, it isn’t quite fair to call it a bad review, since the main criticism is that Raynor’s book is “chock-full of too much business speak gobbly-gook,” enough that he didn’t read past the first chapter, which is also available for download from the author’s site, along with the Table of Contents. John Moor (Brand Autopsy) translates one passage to illustrate how it could have been written in an easier-to-read fashion. While I tend to agree that Raynor’s writing style in this book isn’t what you’d call accessible, after reading chapter one myself, I think the thesis is sound, and I’d like to see it unpacked a little. Still on my acquisition list.