In Case You Were Wondering

I am still updating this blog, though not on a regular schedule… for this reason, I recommend following the RSS feed so you don’t miss any of the new articles. At the same time, I’ve been getting back up and running, so most of my tech items will now appear over there instead. Head over there and poke around, subscribe to the feed, and watch for the Geek news over there. It’s still getting warmed up, and I am inviting contributors on that site that have an interest in Linux, Open Source Software, Internet culture. A side-effect of the move will allow this blog to remain more business/marketing focused. For the benefit of those who prefer not to have shorter items in their feed readers, I have moved my business link blog (which appears in the sidbar on the main blog site) onto its own RSS feed, so if you already subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog and notice that those short posts have disappeared, you’ll now know where they went. Each link still includes a sentence or two of my own thoughts on the matter as I point it out, but now I can link more items without turning the main feed into a link blog. So there you have it: new tech blog and dual feeds for this blog to separate articles from link-blog items.

Meanwhile, Strategic Intuition is now a registered business name in Canada. I continue to work on writing, business consulting, and technical projects including website development/management. I still have room on my slate for more of each of these types of work. As well, I am working with two other business analysts to develop a general business consulting practice, though it’s a bit early to publish the details. On the side, I will be working together with friend and colleague James Giesbrecht of Giesbrecht Consulting Ltd. to supply software developers, business analysts, and project managers to a variety of clients on a contract basis for long or short-term project engagements.