The Art of Non-Conformity: A Quick Review

Chris Guillebeau’s first book, The Art of Non-Conformity, is not a business book, at least not per se. It’s more of a manifesto for living differently, in which Guillebeau makes a passionate appeal for people not to accept the role of living out a life of what’s expected, but to chart your own unconventional course instead.

Guillebeau provides a number of guidelines as a how-to for living an unconventional life, giving his own experience as examples. “AONC” is a quick read, and is perfectly suited for those who have instinctively understood that there really is something more to life than the status quo, but who have been unable to get a handle on it. People in this camp will find the book liberating. Others who know Guillebeau’s AoNC Blog and the Unconventional Guides he authors will find a familiar message woven through the pages of the book. You won’t find the detailed secrets he reveals in his guides for air travel and other pursuits, but you will find an apologetic for living unconventionally. And for most people, that’s the crucial thing — finding the inspiration and encouragement to break with the rest of the herd.

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