The Ugly Underbelly of Mastermind and High End Coaching Programs

Corporate Fugitive Sherri Garrity recently decided it’d be a good idea to blow the lid off some of the “Mastermind” programs out there — ones which I’d call a scam. I find it hard to believe that people would charge (or pay!) $20,000 a year for a mentorship program that doesn’t provide regular one-on-one mentoring (read: no individualized input), especially one that consists largely of flogging other programs which cost even more money. Excuse me? As a small businessperson, you can buy a fair bit of consulting for $20 grand, and I’m sure it’d go a lot farther in filling in your knowledge gaps. Seems a heck of a better idea than joining some shady MLM scheme. Anyway, Sherri writes,

There are many excellent programs out there run by professionals that delivery results with integrity – they help you boost your business and skills, develop your network and lead to wonderful opportunities you simply cannot get while sitting in the comfort of your office at home.

There are also programs out there that over promise and under deliver, and can leave you crying in the comfort of your office at home, if you still have one when it’s over.

These are the stories you’ll never hear about.

She then proceeds to tell it like it is, and good on her for doing it. Anybody who’s not afraid to harshly critique an industry they’re somewhat involved in gains extra cred in my book. Sheesh. I’ll give you better face time and individualized input for much less money than that, and I’m sure Sherri would as well. Go read the whole thing.