First, the Bad News

Hagen meets WoltzI was watching Francis Ford Coppola’s classic adaptation of Mario Puzzo’s The Godfather the other day, and was again reminded of one of the lines that should be quoted more often than it is, especially for business owners. Early in the film, Tom Hagen goes to see the film producer Woltz to ask him to give Johnny Fontaine a part in his upcoming film. Woltz is holding a grudge against Fontaine, and doesn’t respond well to Hagen’s request. When he gives Hagen his final answer, Tom Hagen requests that his car take him directly to the airport. “Mr. Corleone is a man who insists on receiving bad news immediately.Mr. Corleone is a man who insists on receiving bad news immediately,” he explains. The scene occurs just before the famous horse head scene: astute aficionados have noted the bowl of oranges on the table during their dinner together at Woltz’s home.

Do You Have Any Volcanic Vulnerabilities?

A few weeks ago, nobody who wasn’t living literally in the shadow of a volcano was giving much thought to the impact that a volcanic eruption could have on their lives. Of course, that was before the volcano-nobody-could-pronounce erupted in Iceland, shutting down air traffic in Europe for several days. Would-be travelers were faced with a choice between sitting tight in London (or wherever) and reading a book or sightseeing, or else hopping a train to race south and attempt to fly out of a different airport. For most travelers, it was a relatively minor inconvenience and perhaps a bit of unplanned expense. For the airlines, it would certainly have had a much bigger impact.

Googlebot Timing

I’ve heard zenni_googlebot good things about Zenni Optical, but what a bad time for the Googlebot to attempt to crawl the site. If your business depends on website uptime, you need to have a complete duplicate of the site on a separate server and a separate development environment (sometimes these can be the same, so two copies instead of three). The whole point is to minimize downtime during maintenance windows. Bad luck for Zenni. (Click to enlarge, etc.)

Avoid the Worst Web Design Horror

Busiess Week Article: Web Design Horrors: the most egregious of these involve your domain being “held hostage” by a developer who registered the domain in their own name rather than their client’s. As an ISP owner and domain reseller, I saw this too often, and we sometimes had to intervene to help “victims” recover their domains.