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With jing Wei Qin days left ninth floor, just think Chuxiang Xiang, then let him find him, so they let jing guard to take him to the army medical service, jing Methodist readily agreed, then it does not go with the Qin days another building far away, and soon, they came to the Medical Service. With jing Wei Qin days into the inside, just to see a female medic was sitting help Chuxiang Xiang dressing, Chu Xiangxiang see Qin days, suddenly cheeky hi sè, directed at a slight smile Qin days. "Qin day, you sit down, I soon enough!" Chuxiang wholesale nike nfl jerseys factory Xiang Qin looked Heaven, Qin Tian nodded, thanked the wholesale football jerseys factory name jing guard, then on the side of the chair and sat down, looked at female medic to Chuxiang Xiang dressing. But a few minutes, Chu Xiangxiang they bandaged wounds, Chuxiang Xiang will chair sat wholesale nfl jerseys china directly across, they can already zì yóu walk, but still a little lame, but uneventfully, while the Qin days stunned to see this stuff, too quickly, but he knew the extent of the injury wounds, though not very serious, but it is impossible to have the ability to walk so fast ah. "Oh, Qin days, you are not surprised me so fast you can move ah, there may have a secret, do you want to know ah." Chuxiang Xiang Qin days looked lovely eyes blinked some nifty Road, looks very simple. "Secret?" Qin days puzzled look Chuxiang Xiang Road. "Hey, you look." Chuxiang Xiang Qin toward Heaven, slender and beautiful fingers stretched out, picked up a knife next to the sudden rapid cut down, scared the daylights Qin days, just about to stop , but it is already a knife pierced skin, and blood will flow out instantly. "What are you doing, Xiang Xiang, why cut his hand ah." Qin days anxious Road, grabbed hand and the other hand on the table to pick up the remaining dressing stuffed cotton would go against the wound , but was Chuxiang Xiang blocked. "Do not worry, you see my finger." Chuxiang Xiang Qin Heaven go against the Qin days puzzled look at the past, fierce eyes instantly developed, the mouth is also Zhang boss. "This is how ah!" Qin days fingers looked surprised Road, and saw that the road actually wound healing up quickly on Chuxiang Xiang fingers, blink of an eye, less than twenty seconds, the wound has disappeared, leaving only remnants of the next drop of blood still on top. Qin Tian could not believe watching Chuxiang Xiang fingers, take the cotton will wipe that blood directly, to see the wound is not covered by the blood to found the scar actually completely disappeared, Qin days carefully read for a long time, he wholesale nfl jerseys factory just did not find the slightest trace of heart shock to the extreme. "Hee hee, Qin days, you do not be surprised, this is my special ability, just like your abilities as you can run very fast, and my ability is to be able to let my wounds recover quickly." Chu Xiang Xiang Qin Heaven watching some pride, as what seems to win. "Actually there this ability." Qin days underground passage, suddenly remembered Baba Ka abilities give him the time to tell him there is a self-recovery capability, Qin Tianli engraved asked Baba Ka, is not this ability, there is no Chuxiang Xiang's so powerful. "Report of the owner, she just physically there are some self-recovery capability blood, not pure, and you will get is the purest ability to repair itself, as long as you are not completely dead, your body will be able to instantly reorganization." Baba card Road. "What!" Qin day one, directly called out scared, scared the daylights And that female medic, his face looked somehow Qin days. "Qin days, how do you, okay." Chuxiang Xiang Qin Heaven looked puzzled. "Oh ...... okay, I'm just surprised you can vary it." Qin days hastily. "Oh, I have started very surprised, but then gradually got used to, there is no feeling." Chu Xiangxiang smile.