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The weather is wholesale nfl jerseys nike hot, the first drink soda bar. "Thank you, brother Qin days, very kind of you." Qin Tian Zhao Xiaoya looked sweet road, took the drink, unscrew the cap, immediately went to his mouth and shoved face irrigation, grunt drank a big mouth. "Be careful, do not choke him." Qin days watching Zhao Xiaoya drink so anxious, hurried Road. "No, how Ahem Ahem Ahem cough." Zhao Xiaoya was about to tell Qin days okay, I did not expect an open, mouth and face not swallow drinks, plus a talk, suddenly it was choking, and immediately it bad cough up a crooked hands beverage bottle, a large wholesale nike nfl jerseys number of drinks they immediately fell on clothes ah. "Ahem Ahem cough " Zhao Xiaoya out of breath coughing, Qin Tian look, hastily went to Zhao Xiaoya hands took down a drink, put aside, the people have taken advantage of of sitting around, one hand gently patting back, relieve her pain. "How, okay." Qin Tian Zhao Xiaoya pat on the back side, she asked, helped myself off the table and took a towel to wipe her face her, because she's just a cough spray all over his face. I did not expect a write-Qin days inadvertently, his eyes immediately stopped in front of xiong, Zhao Xiaoya just because they do not care to drink to get the clothes, thus resulting in a large pre-xiong shi. High school summer school uniforms are kind of thin, and, biased in favor of translucent, as long as you wore a black lingerie deep se se or other points, that can be seen immediately. Today Zhao Xiaoya just wearing a pink se underwear, lingerie that this is not the traditional sense xiong cover, but that same red underwear wipe xiong, only a thin layer, in order to let the girls xiong Ministry to develop grew, so just inside the abundance just cover girls, full, took a drink now get, suddenly inside and outside the two clothes shi, and tightly attached in the body, sudden, Zhao Xiaoya two shape small rou ball will highlight up, looks very tall and straight lines, you can see through the clothes inside to get thin, tender white, rou. Qin Tian look, suddenly there came a feeling, especially Zhao Xiaoya that two tall white rou, ball top, actually raised two small points, it seems to come out the same time, do not want to know what it is, Qin days little brother met immediately following the more excitement. "Qin days brother, how do you, what to see ah." Zhao Xiaoya find Qin days to help themselves wiping the face, suddenly stopped, he immediately turned his head to ask Qin days, Meng Qin days but found his eyes staring xiong Department looked at, Zhao Xiaoya once they looked down and saw himself upright holy peak, suddenly se a red face, but did not rush to hand to block. "Ah ...... did not see anything." Qin Zhao Xiaoya day hear the words, suddenly recovered, found Zhao wholesale nfl jerseys Xiaoya blushed, he knew immediately that she wholesale nfl jerseys china knew her xiong peek Ministry, suddenly look of embarrassment. "Qin days my brother, you are not looking at Xiaoya xiong Department ah." Qin Zhao Xiaoya watching Heaven, old-fashioned hand poked it close to Apple's own size xiong Department, the sinking rou, pressed down and the ball bounced , see Qin days rapid heartbeat accelerated. "No, how could, what kind of person I am, I am pure." Qin Tianli engraved serious look at Zhao Xiaoya Road, heart underground passage, this chick is where people learn the hook method.