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Lishui villa. Villa inside a large villa garden inside, Korean poetry rain sitting on a chair, holding a cell phone, shown above with the name of Qin days, Han Shi Yu looked wholesale football nfl jerseys at the screen, his face hesitation sè. The "bad guys, you were called to ah!" Han Shi Yu looked at the phone screen, some anxiety there are helplessly, my mind has been back to thinking about things in the morning in the toilet inside, the thought of his chest was Qin days kissed, Han Shi Yu face sè will not help the redness. "How can I do ah, ah not to call him, but it's not my fault, why would I want to make him ah." Han Shi Yu looked at the phone himself, it is a contradiction, Qin Tiansheng gas look has been back in her mind thinking, she did not expect to be so big Qin day of gas, and now she does not know how to run, wholesale nfl jerseys though, and Qin Tian real contact but a few days, but how it can be considered a friend, Han Shi Yu did not want morning problems caused estrangement between the two men, but do not want to speak first to apologize, contradictory dead. "Humph! Matter, ignore me ignore me, I do not rare." Han poetry rain pouted himself said, a mobile phone on a chair, ignore. After ten minutes. "Well, just once." Han poetry rain eventually help, pick up the phone I called to the Qin days, wondering very much what to say next, etc., in order to apologize to both, and would not lose face. However, she did not expect that, nobody answered the phone actually get through, like a long time, or ringtones. "You idiot, why not pick up my phone ah." Han shouted angry poem rain, looked at the phone, dialed the past once again, but still the case, or no answer, Han poetry rain hit after another four or five times, always no answer , suddenly she was some panic. "Is that guy really hates me yet." Han Shi Yu himself said, once again playing, still no answer, after a series of times, the other has been shut down. "You idiot, how could you bully me, but not my fault, I'm prepared to apologize!" Han Shi Yu looked at the phone wronged Road, tears in his eyes flashing. "Humph! Ignore me ignore me, I'm not too rare." Han poetry rain wiped his eyes Road, a mobile phone thrown into the bushes, angry and turned away toward the house. ...... Qin days here, open military off-road wholesale nfl jerseys from china out of town, along the highway to open ten minutes, then turn into a road leading to the mountains away, winding along the way, Qin did not know to go more than a day far, only know that deep into the big hill. Finally, appeared in front of an outpost, two armed soldiers stood guard, immediately after seeing the military would open the door to release off-road, off-road car directly into it, there's a scene suddenly, a huge field and cāo tall in front of everybody. Qin days have been looking at the car, saw piles of soldiers are cāo practice, in full swing, each sweat, and each one looks extremely brave, very fast, very agile attack, although his speed is not fast , but still made ​​him very shocked. "How we came to military inside ah." Qin days watching Chuxiang Xiang understand the wholesale nike nfl jerseys question. "Ah, because this is my home, ah, my grandfather was commander of the Military." Chuxiang Xiang Qin days watching him a cute smile road. "Your grandfather was commander!" Chuxiang Xiang Qin days looking very surprised Road, military commander, ah, ah not Tun Town, which is the ability to cede territory in the ancient king's princes, ah, he actually saved the commander's granddaughter this is really the Guards, which is what the world really has ah. "Ah!" Chu Xiangxiang very seriously nodded, watching Chuxiang Xiang Qin days, one time I do not know what to say, my heart in addition to shock or shock. Soon, the money building a car stopped, there were already several doctors carrying the stretcher in there, the old man would call the half-way over. Door open, Qin days to Next, medic immediately placed on a stretcher. "Qin days, I go to therapy, you do not go, wait, I remember looking for." Chuxiang Xiang Qin days looking smile, Qin days nodded and waved to her, then Chuxiang Xiang will be stretcher carried away. "Little Friends, please come with me." Qin old man looked at Heaven. "The trouble elderly lead the way." Qin Tian laughed, then followed behind the old man, and go toward the inside of the building, they go in to see where heavily armed soldiers standing guard, the old man with the Qin days away toward the upstairs, each floor has a military guard, four are video surveillance, security work extremely rigorous.