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"Ah, very familiar." Su Yi Cheng smiled and nodded, in fact, is the younger sister Su Yi Jiao Youranju, that girl would like to eat and drink on weekdays, but also special attention in this regard, had arranged for three months on the job often do clamor to resign, said to be like freedom, hate to be constrained, so simply towards the Father to the venture capital, directly opened this hockey jerseys cheap china Youranju, no one would like business was good. Tong Wenhai look Cheng smiled and said "uh, really let Souter help laughed, my daughter since childhood Jiaoman, give us spoiled, this room was originally scheduled Miss Gu first, we naturally have no reason to occupy over . "Then, turning on the right side of the standing Zhang said." Zhang, we have just the room it, do not change, there tonight consumption are also considered in this room wants on my account. " "Hey, good good, I'll arrange." Zhang busy nodding, saying shall command it. "No, Tong Juzhang a room like this then do not disappointed, we change the room it wants." Su Yi Cheng said, turned around and glanced at Enron, soothing smile. "Those who have a first come first served, we know the truth, and just did not know that nobody in this room, are we spoiled Xiao Min, Souter help'll excuse." Mrs. Theme youngster has been sitting on this time also stood up and said, eyebrows with a smile, a look that is a sophisticated person. . "Yes ah," Tong Wenhai echoed, standing at his side hockey jerseys blank and looked at Enron, asked "? Souter help and Ms. Gu is ......" Heard, Cheng turned around, holding a hand to pull over Enron in his hand, said. "My wife, Gu Enron." "Well, Souter help married?" Tong Wenhai some accident, he heard much of the Soviet Union to do the Father's house recently wedding ah, but hockey jerseys did not receive any invitations ah. . "Ah, just to knot" Cheng smiled, raising his hand looked at the time, said. "sitting in this bar, we change the room." "No, no, how can I help make Souter truth." Tong Wenhai alleges that, where he dared to let him make his own, do not say his position is higher than he is Su snobbery, he would have Guzhe sort of face. . "Okay" Cheng smiled, turned to Zhang, said. "Zhang, hockey jerseys for kids you put my wife brought florid Xuan it." "Uh, florid Xuan Su that we always ......" specially for the family to stay in their room, not external. Su Yi Cheng did not wait for him to finish, direct interrupted, "I'll talk to you Sue always said." Said glanced at Enron, laughing, "you should talk to Zhang past it, and then make a phone call to see parents did not come. " "But ......" Enron wanted to say anything, but was Cheng to hold out, in her ear, said. "Obedient, good 'florid Xuan' environment, mom will love it." Enron saw his eyes, and finally Leng Leng only nod from the waiter took to the 'florid Xuan'. 'Florid Xuan' located 'Youranju' next to the first floor of the garden, the room is not very large, but the decoration is very warm, and the door is opposite a big glass windows, from the room, you can see directly without having to go out the scenery, floor to ceiling windows with a small side door, also made ​​of transparent glass, opened the door and the floor is cobbled lanes, drove above Fujiki, surrounded by planted with colorful flowers, very beautiful, the air was filled with the also all is the smell of flowers, fragrant. At the moment the little lights on the garden, watching it turn scenery is not a good taste. Enron came in this room would like, and this is simply a big difference than just a room, do not know how much better times.