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Enron up when Linxiao Fen already asleep, whispered into Enron, saw Gu Hengwen carefully tuck in for her. "Dad." Enron softly call out. Gu Hengwen turn, made ​​a hand to silence the action, and then turned nhl hockey jerseys china away with Enron. Living room, safely watched his father and asked "? Dad, Mom know that man is not it" Guheng Wen looked at her, spoke nhl hockey jerseys cheap and said "? Enron, some things parents do not want to tell you those things because carrying too much pain and unhappiness, Mom and Dad do not want you to live are not happy, you know." "Dad ......" Enron looked at him. "Do not ask such questions later, especially not in front of your mother asked again, some things are hurt, not a long time to heal the wounds will not see you one ask her, is nothing more than a reminder of her, had hurt with multiple , how deep the wound. "Gu Hengwen patted her hand, says. Enron nodded, not raise another. Enron did not how to sleep that night, she knew my father sitting in the living room, sitting in the night, she did not know what kind of love and hatred between the mother and the man, but these are not important, after all, the past has been in the past, she will not be open to ask her mother and so forgotten that his chest hurt and pain. Return to military compound when Qin Yun came to sit in the living room waiting for him, his face very ugly. Su Yi Cheng touched his nose from the outside in, call and said "Mom, sitting up yet." Qin Yun not look at him, and chill the tone, said "I ​​also know that mom does, I forgot all about when you do not know who is born of it." Su Yi Cheng laugh, do not pick her, know that she is now in a fit of anger, then fuel that will be a dead end, off the coat sat down across from her, took the table turned the military publication, nor speak. To see him without a word, Qin Yun surprisingly impatient, turned deprived of his hands publications, some more than anger is not flat, said "I'm talking How about you, what is your attitude towards this." Heard this, Su Yi Cheng sitting good body, determined by looking at her eyes. Qin Yun surprised a moment, thinking of what he would say, can wait a long time, have not seen him say a word, begs the question? "What are you doing." . "Cough" Cheng Qing Ke sound, attitude quite seriously, said. "Humbly listen to the teachings of adult mothers." Qin Yun, angry, funny beat up his son, "Go, go, did a decent, you have to really listen to me good, but also to listen to the teachings of it." Cheng smiled, hugged his mother's shoulder and said. "I really want to come back for dinner tonight, and may have temporary thing to say, this is not really something to get away." "You're holding a little flicker stall me, you do not come back once a nhl hockey jerseys month, which one is not to say nhl hockey jerseys canada something could not get away." Qin Yun snappily said. Su Yi Cheng touched his nose did not speak, think carefully, indeed! "Unable to speak it." Qin Yun looked at him and sneered.