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"This, this, that in the end how Enron happened, married, how I've never heard you say it too!" asked her daughter, tone of some urgency, the child did not tell her how to marry up over it, obviously yesterday ... ... "Mom, I ...... in fact ......" Enron wanted to explain, but sometimes do not know where to interpretation. "Enron, you know how long." Guheng Wen asked, stern forward. Enron opened his mouth, a moment before, said. "We noon know" "Enron, you!" Linxiao Fen stared, she could not believe even Enron and a man only known to get married, receive a certificate! "Do you think marriage is child's play it, so hasty!" Gu Hengwen some angry tone of voice a lot of weight. "Dad, Mom, we do not take marriage lightly, although we recognize that time is ice ice hockey jerseys not long, perhaps on both the character does not realize it, but we have to take very serious attitude towards marriage, think hard, careful management is good maybe I can not guarantee I'll give what Enron, but I will do our utmost to give Enron happiness, maybe later we will not be very rich, but I think in three years later, four years later, and I Enron also want mom and Dad like you, holding hands, laughing together, happy together. "Then, Su Yi Cheng hand holding Enron's hand, looked at her lovingly smile. Enron leng leng looked at him, he had just then, how listening They seem not flash marriage, but love at first sight like Brief Encounter! Linxiao Fen and Gu Hengwen in the eye of the eye, did not speak. Just then, the door knock sounded, Zhang personally see to open the ice hockey practice jerseys wholesale door, and asked, "Mr. Su, the dish is now ready for it?" Su Yi Cheng looked Linxiao Fen and Gu Hengwen, did not speak. "Su?" Zhang can not wait for the answer, nor is it to go, do not take no. Su Yi Cheng Cong ears do not hear, or even head did not turn, just looked straight Linxiao Fen and Gu Hengwen, hands tightly holding Enron. ice hockey practice jerseys For a long time, in Zhang awkward when I do not know what to do, has been sitting in solemn face of finally spoke, toward Zhang said. "Serving it." Heard, Zhang busy nodded and said good, and then turned out. Fast food on every dish is also doing very delicate, and tastes pretty good. Su Yi Cheng Xu is a few words that move, Linxiao Fen and Gu Hengwen watching Su Yi Cheng's attitude was changed, although it can not be too hot network, mild compared to a lot just in the end, a few casual greetings and understanding, and Su Yi Cheng also asked must answer, tea, and take their food as not falling, so, mouth is also a cover cover smile slightly, but the change is even more evident was Cheng's mother called this one a click on the adaptation of the , delighted lips, nodded to say good, but that these dishes are specially went to the kitchen, he just people do not even praising his intimate, know how flattering. Yuehua Jian Su Yi Cheng's phone rang, house phone, Su Yi Gu Cheng apologetic toward parents smiled, turned out to go. Cheng be out Linxiao Fen smile on his face was close up, looked at Enron, said "how do you know ah, did you dare to marry one day, although I think you married, did not let you be so hasty ah ! " Enron will focus on that Linan Jie large animal hair almost frivolous her timely help and Su Yi Cheng explained in ice ice hockey jerseys cheap detail what times, turn a blind date today Oolong things slightly over them, and then go along with Su Yi Cheng has just said, to put a little sensational. Heard, Gu Gu Hengwen father spoke, did not say much, just ask Enron a "no regrets?"