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Enron moment, a moment before the heavy nodded and said. "No regrets" nodded and said. "The personal is your own, this is your choice, how the election on how to go, even if the fall, and that is what you want to experience growth." Su Yi Cheng this phone to play some long, a full ten minutes after coming in, few people eat while they sat until eaten dessert a pedestrian That got up to leave, Enron said to go to pay, but was Su Yi Cheng stopped, said he had bought the. Couple all this homely look in the eyes, mouth slightly with a smile. A time to be a pedestrian Youranju door, just that compete with private rooms kids nhl kids nhl jerseys an Enron also from the inside out, Tong Wenhai sharp eyed to see the front of the Cheng, whispered towards the side of his wife said something, and then fast busy step forward, call and said "Souter help." Heard Su Yi Cheng stopped, turned around and looked at him, politely cut and some distant greeting, "Tong Juzhang." "Souter also run out of food to help the two presumably ?" Tong Wenhai standing aside and watching , what was about to speak, but in time to see Tude face became pale, and even some could not go back a few steps behind him, fingers her, unsteadily, said " Xiao Fen ......" also recognized him, after the shock busy to write his face, not to see him. Around like to see something, glanced Tong Wenhai, turned Cheng said. "Yi Cheng, you have something you first busy, your mother body a bit uncomfortable, and I went to take her first ride" Enron glanced Tong Wenhai, did not say much to kids nhl jerseys wholesale ask, leaning forward Linxiao Fen. "Sorry Tongju Chang, I mother body a bit uncomfortable, I'll go first." Su Yi Cheng kids nhl jerseys cheap Tong Wenhai said toward the sound, turned and walked quickly to open the door to let Guheng Wen and Linxiao Fen car. Even before the car ride and saw that standing still is still surprised and shocked face of one, this got on. Enron reported the address to Cheng, spookily quiet atmosphere along the way, Linxiao Fen eyes closed leaning on Guheng Wen shoulders, sipping mouth tightly, look carefully, there is a slight quiver, like in some kind of emotional repression of the heart . Gu Hengwen face can not see the side of the emotional, holding his wife's hand tightly, did not speak. Drove half, Enron, after all did not hold back and asked "Mom ...... Mom know just the man?" In fact, do not answer, Enron also know that the answer is yes, because their reactions are all confirmed this. Linxiao Fen slips had closed the eyes opened, closed again for a moment, his tone slightly weak, said. "Do not know" Upon seeing this, Enron does not raise another, turned around and looked out the window flashed by street, his thoughts fly away. To the homely, first leaning Linxiao Fen up, Cheng had also prepared to go up, but when they get off the phone at home and over, is the old lady's phone was originally supposed to go back tonight, to now not return, the old lady the volcano erupted soon. Enron saw his eyes, and said. "You have to have something on the first go back, do not go up." Cheng kids nhl jerseys looked at the phone, nodded, before he did not forget, said. "Something to call me." Enron nodded and said know. Some heart slightly worried mother she had never seen before. Su Yi Cheng looked at her and tried hugged her and said, "Go on, I'll give you a call." Enron Leng Leng looked at him, nodded, turned up.