Social Media ROI & “Tweeting for Dollars”

Twitter DollarsLast week while discussing social media ROI, I made the statement that attempting to directly measure revenue from social media will mean the social media efforts won’t be effective. To be clear, as I went on to say in my post last week, I’m not suggesting that social media efforts not be monitored. What I wrote was that

There’s no direct link between time or money spent on social media pur­suits and rev­enue. Some­times there may be a direct return, but this is the excep­tion and not the rule. Social media pur­suits have a grad­ual but cumu­la­tive effect over the long term, which trans­lates indi­rectly to increased rev­enue for your busi­ness. The more directly you try to align social media with rev­enue, the less effec­tive it will be, because it vio­lates the most basic prin­ci­ple of social media interaction.