#NMMblog Notes, Addenda & Review

MBlog 2012 Conference Banner This past weekend’s Mblog 2012 Conference was full of some great information and inspiration for budding bloggers. I figured that it should prompt at least one post from yours truly. If you missed the live-tweeting, you should check the summary, which gives a good feel for the event and some of the advice that was floating around. Following the event, I thought it might be good to record a few notes, recap some highlights, and to point out a few things I thought might have done with some clarification.

WordPress 3.0 Beta 1

WordPress Logo I’ve just upgraded my test blog to WordPress 3.0 Beta 1, with the new default Twenty Ten Theme. It’s yet another beautiful evolution for my favorite CMS, WordPress. That’s right, I didn’t say “blogging engine”.

I’ve been using WordPress as a CMS for a while already, and no, there’s no reason a WordPress site has to look like a blog, or that it even needs to look particularly “WordPress-y,” though a lot of them tend to. The giveaway is often in the post comments area, which a great many themes do not bother to customize very extensively, though they should. (Mine is customized to a degree, even if not extensively.) I had read someplace that in 3.0 it would be easier to customize this part of a theme, but I haven’t dug that deeply. In any event, a theme developer with a modicum of php-chops should be able to hack out a custom look for it even in the old system.

In Case You Were Wondering

I am still updating this blog, though not on a regular schedule… for this reason, I recommend following the RSS feed so you don’t miss any of the new articles. At the same time, I’ve been getting Penguinista.org back up and running, so most of my tech items will now appear over there instead. Head over there and poke around, subscribe to the feed, and watch for the Geek news over there. It’s still getting warmed up, and I am inviting contributors on that site that have an interest in Linux, Open Source Software, Internet culture. A side-effect of the move will allow this blog to remain more business/marketing focused. For the benefit of those who prefer not to have shorter items in their feed readers, I have moved my business link blog (which appears in the sidbar on the main blog site) onto its own RSS feed, so if you already subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog

After a Lengthy Pause… More Strategic Intuition

Well, I didn’t intend to take a 10-week break from posting here. Nonetheless, there it is… the time goes by before you know it. I have a few things to offer in my defense, though. In the intervening weeks, I’ve written and self-published a little pocketbook on Advent. I’ve begun compiling another book from material I wrote in August and September, spent several days in the Seattle area (including Vancouver BC) and began rewriting the end of the book I was compiling. I agreed to co-edit another book project with a colleague in Kelowna, and I’ve been keeping a steady pace at my pseudonymous blog. As if that weren’t enough,

Two Items of Interest

Firstly, for those who blog — Darren Rowse’s Problogger is giving away almost $60k worth of prizes to celebrate the blog’s birthday… which is certainly one item of interest, at least. What caught my eye today were the LG USB LCD monitors that DisplayLink is giving away as part of the fun, and that’s the second item of interest. USB video has been a long time coming, and should a pair of USB monitors befall me, I certainly won’t miss the existing video cables that chain my monitors too close to my computer tower.  If you are a blogger, head over there and see what prizes you might take a shot at.

Scripting News Turns The Big One-Oh

Congratulations are due Dave Winer of Scripting News, the longest continually running blog on the Internet — April 1, 2007 clicked past on the weekend, marking ten years for the site. That’s right, Dave Winer was blogging on Scripting News before there were blogs. For posterity, he has archived the original page from April 1, 1997… just in case you don’t remember what the Internet looked like in 1997.

coup d'oeil (part three)

In part one and part two of this blog-intro series, I talked about the notion of business decisions at a glance based on an almost intuitive understanding of the field of play. The phrase coup d’oeil is taken from the military, and refers to the ability of the rare commander who posesses an exceptionally quick understanding of the field of battle and can make strategic decisions quickly. This ability is based largely on experience and analysis at a subconscious level. From this background, the final installment in this trilogy announces what I hope to achieve on this blog.