Which Social Media Site: Twitter or Facebook?

Over at LinkedIn, I just joined the Consultants Network group, and am watching a recent discussion which posed the question, “twitter or facebook? time for only one.” twittervfacebook I was surprised to see as many people as I did saying they just didn’t “get” Twitter. Personally, I find Facebook less appealing, but this isn’t the real question. The real question to answer is twofold: (1) where your target market is, if that’s the reason you’re engaging in social media; and (2) which social media you can use most effectively. Remember, Don’t Get it to Have It, Get it to Use It.

After a Lengthy Pause… More Strategic Intuition

Well, I didn’t intend to take a 10-week break from posting here. Nonetheless, there it is… the time goes by before you know it. I have a few things to offer in my defense, though. In the intervening weeks, I’ve written and self-published a little pocketbook on Advent. I’ve begun compiling another book from material I wrote in August and September, spent several days in the Seattle area (including Vancouver BC) and began rewriting the end of the book I was compiling. I agreed to co-edit another book project with a colleague in Kelowna, and I’ve been keeping a steady pace at my pseudonymous blog. As if that weren’t enough,