It's the Asterisk, Stupid*

This sign has irked me for the past few years whenever I drive past it. Finally I snapped a quick photo with my phone. (Click to enlarge, sorry about the poor image quality, etc.) You may not know from the sign, but it’s a used car dealer. Of course. You expect a used car dealer to use an asterisk, don’t you? It’s a cliché. This one uses a bracketed “o.a.c.” for the same purpose. Here’s what we say (oh, but here’s what we actually mean).

Job Interview Presentation: Sprucing Up or Deception?

Overheard in a supermarket checkout line this past weekend, one woman to another:

“Oh my God, [Leanne] bought a pair of fake glasses and wore them to an interview because she felt more intelligent. I mean, it’s not like they’re going to say, ‘Hire the one with glasses because she’s more intelligent.'”

It just got me to thinking, and wondering if Leanne is (a) being dishonest with her prospective employer, albeit in a seemingly benign way, or (b) creative, original, and smart. I’m sure the interviewer would be able to size up pretty quickly whether she’s an airhead or the real deal, but my jury is still out on whether or not the action is duplicitous.