Preparing for a Linux Desktop Migration: Practical Advice

Linux Mascot:  Tux I recently commented on a discussion about a planned migration to Linux in order to avoid having to deal with Windows Vista. It seems that it takes more searching than one should expect if one is attempting to find positive reviews. Some companies are electing to not to make the switch at all, waiting instead to see what the next version will bring.  Vista is easily the biggest flop in the product line since Windows Me. When I purchased a new HP laptop last year, I received a coupon for an upgrade from Windows XP to Vista (the unit shipped with XP), I didn’t bother to redeem it. My laptop is running Mandriva, and though it still dual-boots to XP, I haven’t used the option in more than a year now. The recent discussion got me thinking about my own migration from Windows 2000 to Linux, and what advice I might offer.