A Wee Bit of Fanfare

TheWritersCollective.org Last night I was at Aqua Books for the offi­cial launch of the new web­site for The Writ­ers Col­lec­tive of Man­i­toba, pic­tured in the tiny thumb­nail. Last night I pro­jected some much larger screen­shots of it onto a large screen while I droned on about all it could do. Then Eve turned on the “Applause” sign. Not long after that, we ate cook­ies and drank hot choco­late and punch and beer and wine. But not all of them, and not all at once. My point in men­tion­ing it is that I devel­oped the site for the Col­lec­tive in the course of my work under the name of WebRig​gers​.net. I think the site will work out swim­mingly for them.

The Value of Knowing Where you Are and What you Know

Some while back, Execupundit posted an example of assumptions gone wrong in the story of some prisoners planning an escape. He was outlining the importance of stating assumptions, which is crucial. In my last business, when writing a proposal in response to an RFP, we would always keep a list of assumptions that we made about the application, the environment, the business needs, whatever. It might scrawled in the margin of the RFP or on a separate sheet, but it had to be someplace. It's a critical step...