About the New Starbucks Logo…

So it’s all over the Internet about the new Starbucks logo coming in March 2011, with an announcement in which the company specifically stated they are not The Gap, referring to The Gap logo fiasco of last year when they unveiled a new logo, which Vanity Fair called a “symbol of corporate banality”. I take their disclaimer to mean that, unlike The Gap, Starbucks won’t have the good sense to can the whole idea based on overwhelming negative customer response. So is it much ado about nothing?

Obsessive Branding Disorder?

Curious Cow I’ve always had a cynical view of companies that offer “branding” and “strategy.” Both are valid, necessary, important activities which every business owner must consider, but I’ve seen too many creative houses that get into these lines as a way to sell creative services — and little more. To them, it’s just creative services, rebranded. The thing that gets me most is how often some of these types of shops tend to rebrand themselves, and what that means to them… the joke I never said to one of their faces when meeting them on the street was, “Hey, I saw your new brand — very nice! Been slow around the shop lately?” I don’t know where they found the time to rebrand themselves every six months and still look after clients.