Social Media ROI & Unicorn Mortality

Einstein on Social Media ROI and Unicorn Mortality Last week I attended the first meetup of the Mar­ket­ing & Tech­nol­ogy group, which turned out to be a great first meet­ing. Since the inter­sec­tion of mar­ket­ing and tech­nol­ogy is where I’ve lived and played for more than a decade now (since it was just a lonely cross­roads), I’m look­ing for­ward to see­ing the group grow and evolve.

The first meet­ing fea­tured a dis­cus­sion panel, to which Ryan Caligiuri posed a num­ber of ques­tions. Sev­eral of these had me want­ing to inter­ject, like the ques­tion of mea­sur­ing social media ROI (Return on Invest­ment), a prac­tice which some have com­pletely dis­counted as inad­vis­able or down­right impossible.