Slogans You May Not Hear

Taser Call me cynical, say I’m in a snarky frame of mind. Whatever. I was just thinking about the controversy over the use of Tasers in the news, and thinking that the Taser Corporation might be due for some good PR pretty soon.  Maybe people who love their Tasers will form a lobby, like those who love their guns. I’m inclined to suggest a good slogan for the Taser Lobby’s inevitable bumper-sticker campaign, something like “Tasers don’t kill people. Cops kill people.” But again, maybe it’s just my frame of mind or offbeat sense of humour.

10 Bucks Goes a Long Way

WestJet’s website greets you with the slogan, “Because owners care.” They’re carefully building an advertising strategy around the fact that 85% of their employees are shareholders in the company and contribute an average of 13% of their salaries into share purchases. They make a big deal about their staff, boasting, “We have 31 Karens, 39 Lisas, 67 Jens, 67 Davids, 46 Michelles, 86 Michaels and 1 Yoga at WestJet.” And all of this is what’s supposed to motivate the staff to provide the best customer service in the industry.