About the New Starbucks Logo…

So it’s all over the Internet about the new Starbucks logo coming in March 2011, with an announcement in which the company specifically stated they are not The Gap, referring to The Gap logo fiasco of last year when they unveiled a new logo, which Vanity Fair called a “symbol of corporate banality”. I take their disclaimer to mean that, unlike The Gap, Starbucks won’t have the good sense to can the whole idea based on overwhelming negative customer response. So is it much ado about nothing?

Reading the Signs

I’m sitting in a downtown Starbucks in Winnipeg, doing some online work, drinking a coffee. There’s a sign on the door outside, and another one on the second door in the entryway that says “Attention Customers: Due to technical difficulties we will ONLY be accepting credit, debit, or Starbucks cards. NO CASH!! Sorry for the inconvenience – Team Broadway”. I should mention that the all-caps words are highlighted in orange and green, and double-underlined.

Everyone (well, almost) stops to read the first sign, standing outdoors, sometimes holding the door open as they read. Those who skip the first sign will usually do the same process at the second sign. And in case you ignored both of those, there’s one on the cash register.

The Starbucks Screwup Story

As I tweeted this morning, starbucks_logo I was appreciating Starbucks customer service. But it didn’t start that way. I ordered a Venti Pike Place and a low-fat blueberry muffin, and paid with my prepaid Starbucks card, but the coffee hadn’t quite finished brewing. No problem, at least it’d be fresh. The barista was going to bring out my coffee when it was ready, so I took a seat in the comfy armchair and opened up The Whuffie Factor, which I’m still reading and enjoying. I dug into my book, thinking after a while that my coffee must have been ready a while ago. I admit I was a little annoyed… the last time I had to wait for a coffee at Starbucks, they told me it would be complimentary. I was impressed with that — different location though.

Think Differently

Keep an open mind. Keep asking why, and be open to change. Get a fresh set of eyes as often as you need them. Failing to do these means failing to solve the problems we face (large or small) and failing to reach our potential. The consequences may range from disastrous to astounding.