Apple is Bigger than Jesus… or the Beatles.

It’s being noticed that Apple’s (AAPL) market cap has shot up to the stratosphere, and suggested by some that it’s Only A Matter Of Time Until Apple’s Market Cap Is Bigger Than Microsoft I say don’t hold your breath for it to get — or stay — there. Paul Kedrosky wrote yesterday about Apple, Wal-mart, and the “Market Capitalization Bigger Than” Thing, concluding “When we press our noses against the market glass and ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ at a company’s market capitalization exceeding something it shouldn’t … let’s just say bad things tend to happen. Eventually.”

I agree — just take a look at the context he gives it. Do you really think that Apple is worth over $200 Billion today?

In Case You Were Wondering

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Sun Acquires MySQL… Early Thoughts

MySQL + Sun I was dropping the kids off at school yesterday when I got a call on my cell phone from an editor I’ve worked with before at It took a minute to sink in, but she was telling me that Sun Microsystems had just purchased MySQL. They wanted to get a story up fairly quickly on what this meant for CIOs, and they thought I’d be a good person to tackle it. Now, the last time I wrote for them about MySQL (of which I’m a fan), I got raked over the coals a little, but then I was writing as the dark horse. Of course I took this one on anyway, and “Sun Acquires MySQL: Impact on the CIO?” was up within a few hours. Go ahead and read it; I can wait, then we’ll carry on.

Imagine a Table-Top Computing Revolution

I see that Microsoft has come out with a coffee-table shaped computer, which represents a pretty major technological step forward in user interface (UI) design by allowing multiple simultaneous inputs directly to the display from more than one user, and even directly from objects placed on or in proximity to the screen. Not your average touchscreen. Popular Mechanics test-drives it (with video) in a fairly extensive report that includes an overview on how it actually works. As new and as groundbreaking as this is, I immediately knew I’d seen it somewhere else before.