A Wee Bit of Fanfare

TheWritersCollective.org Last night I was at Aqua Books for the offi­cial launch of the new web­site for The Writ­ers Col­lec­tive of Man­i­toba, pic­tured in the tiny thumb­nail. Last night I pro­jected some much larger screen­shots of it onto a large screen while I droned on about all it could do. Then Eve turned on the “Applause” sign. Not long after that, we ate cook­ies and drank hot choco­late and punch and beer and wine. But not all of them, and not all at once. My point in men­tion­ing it is that I devel­oped the site for the Col­lec­tive in the course of my work under the name of WebRig​gers​.net. I think the site will work out swim­mingly for them.