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Zhang gains a nod, a smile on Enron turned and said "I ​​am sorry Miss Gu, this is our hotel's negligence, and I think that this room has no reservations, so just have promised Tongju Chang, you see that all right, I'll give Miss Gu arrange a room, another discount for each purchase all our dishes tonight. " Enron shook his head and said. "Today is my mother's birthday, she likes to spend, I had to book this room because you can see here windowsill garden, so I do not want to change rooms." "This ......" Zhang somewhat embarrassed, arguably the Miss Gu reason not to change the room, after all, this is the people one week ago had been a good book, but thisis director of the Municipal Urban Construction Bureau, weekdays with here the boss has a good friendship, he also offended not ah! "This young lady, so be it, we do not make life difficult for Zhang, and tonight you have my bag full of consumption, you give us this room, you see how?" Stood by the man said. Enron turned around and looked at the man and said "Sorry, this is not a question of money, if you usually I just give it anyway, but today is my mother's birthday, as a daughter, I can not give what she was too much, so just think in today's cheap replica nhl jerseys china special day for her in a comfortable environment happily eat a meal, so I can not give you this room. " "You're the woman how so water does not enter today this meal is to give them Jie Feng welcome home my sister, she likes replica hockey jerseys to spend, spend like my mother, so what you have to do, we say that today you are consumed by us the whole package, you still gonna do, "said some despicable woman stood by, and even wait for safely opening, standing straight to Zhang, said." Zhang, this room we have to set up, as she wanted to how, you can figure it out, and, I point your dish just over ten minutes and then on. " "You, you are so rude and so this person how unreasonable it." Enron some gas, however, they do, this clearly is bullying thing. The woman looked at Enron, some unnecessary, said. "I was so, how you want with it." "You ......" Enron some shortness of breath, move forward wanted to talk to her evaluation, but the hands behind Su Yi Cheng was suddenly grabbed, turned cheap replica hockey jerseys puzzled to see him, I saw his face with a smile, she shook her head, said softly, "I have come." "Xiao Min." Side of the man standing on the ledge turned his head slightly toward the daughter call some serious sound. "Dad ......" That is called to Xiao Min spoiled woman shouted a voice, came sweetly took his hand and said. "Dad, I do not change, this room has air scent, I like it." "You ah!" Some frustration that Tongju Zhang patted her hand, turned against Enron was about to say something, but saw her standing beside Su Yi Cheng, a moment, some of the reactions, however. Su Yi Cheng naturally see him face all along with a faint smile, warm Ya, call the sound, "Tongju Zhang, a coincidence." "Su ...... Souter help!" Tong Juzhang bit surprised at him. . "Tongju Chang family has come together this dinner ah" Cheng said, looked at the rooms of the environment, smiled and said. "This room is really good, it is no wonder also fancy" Then, turning again Zhang stood aside and said "You should talk to your boss the next reaction, so she had to change the next pattern, much like between this environment to get a few good package, and perhaps to the time of the business cheap replica jerseys nhl will be better." "Uh." Zhang lengleleng, nodded, "yes yes yes, this I must mention with our boss." "No, I still speak with her." direct Cheng said. "Well, we know this gentleman Sue always?" Zhang somewhat unexpected.