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Su Yi Cheng pointed to the watch, and said "Now five forty five, from here to Youranju probably more than 20 minutes' drive away, and is now being considered rush hour, there is no guarantee will not jam, so, do you think we have extra time then talk about along the way between us? " "Uh." Enron moment, looked at the phone, just as he said, she did not have much time, looked up and asked him what was about to open when there is time, they have to talk about a time, I saw he had the door open, smiling at her, "Get." His smile and some confusion pro people, people very comfortable, kind of inspiring feeling. See she has not yet been fixed, Cheng micro Weicu frown, asked "How the" "You ... have to go together?" Enron asked, she did not know my parents do not know that she is not surprised so flash marriage, in fact, she is going to want to test the waters in the past two days before my parents lipped, then over period time to arrange for them to meet. "There is the problem?" Su Yi Cheng frown, asked. Enron Zhang of the mouth, in fact, she wanted to let him go, after all, this is a family gathering, he was an outsider there is not appropriate, but that the words to the mouth, abruptly paused, thought Enron bag marriage certificate, 'outsiders' is a word coupled with the paper seems to have become no longer appropriate, but such occasions, to his current status is indeed the attendance. "Ah?" Su Yi Cheng inquiry looked at her. Enron suddenly sounded at noon to talk to their blind date when he heard what he said to go home at night, busy, said? "You, you call at noon, not to say the evening to go home do so, you should not have time at night it . " Heard, Cheng smiled and said. "I can distinguish the pros and cons, home someday all OK, today is mother's birthday, of course I want to last a good, on the train it, cheap nhl jerseys china free shipping to delay it, maybe true 's too late. "said Enron direct half pushing the car, the light is good the door, and then himself this bypasses the front on the other side of the car. Glanced at Enron, cheap nhl jerseys china website she seems somewhat out of shape, Leng Leng looked at him even seat belts are not fastened. Su Yi Cheng laugh shook his head, bow in the past for her seat belt fastened. Enron at the same time he leaned recovered, so close she does not adapt and cheap nhl jerseys china slightly tweaked pushed him to go, busy, said. "I, cheap nhl jerseys china authentic I, I, I myself, like myself." "Do not move." Su Yi Cheng deep voice at Enron ears. They posted a short, Cheng could smell her fragrance with natural, does not contain any perfume, he can still see her little face slightly reddish blush, he knew it was because of shyness, but such modesty look at him now seems particularly cute, but also especially attractive. Enron Barbara not daring to move, and sat forward, watching his breath, he hastened system better, turning only hope. She was cautious not move like some comical Su Yi Cheng, but this she seems more attractive to him, he always believed that a good self control at the moment completely collapse, leaned forward, lips look accurate and correct, covered her, her lips are soft and kissed with a sweet taste seems he did not know whether she ate sugar before, but he liked the taste. The kiss did not last very long, when Su Yi Cheng release her when Enron has since completely silly just kiss off, eyes wide boss, wooden expression froze. Silly Leng Leng looked at her like Su Yi Cheng could not help laughing, rocked shook his head, turned and directly start the car to leave.