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Fortunately the way down and did not encounter any traffic jams, simply to 'Youranju' when it is 610 or so. Su Yi Cheng on the car parked next to this car just stop, side passenger seat of Enron has been the first time the solution of the seat belt, opened the door of the car, the action at one go, neat and tidy. Cheng stunned, looked at her a little bit stiff standing beside the door, his eyes and looked around. Could not help shaking his head laughing, and he knew she was still just shy of that kiss, the way face bright red. Enron was really just a kiss to scared, he did intimate to help her seatbelt has let his surprise and unexpected enough, but also enough to make her uncomfortable, she did not think he kissed her, that only couples will do the kiss, the moment she was a bit surprised reaction, however. When she really react until the car has hit the road, she had some back and asked him how angry it can be to kiss her, and he turned around and glanced very innocent, asked, "the husband kissing his wife, it is not only right and proper?" This sentence made ​​her look speechless, yes ah, they are husband and wife, even then intimate behavior, and that is normal! Su Yi Cheng be off, both this towards 'Youranju' go inside, Enron taking a closer look, the eyes just do not fall on him, Su Yi Cheng smiled and without a word, the mood is quite pleasant. Enron set position on the second floor of the Accord, before she came to see the pattern of inter well package, there is sill under the window sill is a small garden Youranju inside, from this position, the inside of the flowers in the garden cheap nhl jerseys can collect all underneath eyes, open windows, and can even smell the fragrance of flowers beneath the garden. Enron and Cheng led by the waiter on the floor, on the corner of the stairs, not to the private room, I saw a few people standing around the door, as if to say something. "This room is good, cheap nhl jerseys for kids small though a little small, but a good environment, this right, not just a room, you change it now." Enron door only to hear a voice says says. Not be safely inside, another flattering voice had echoed and said. " Huan this I'll give you change, you have to inform the kitchen, dishes that tablechanged to this room." cheap nhl jerseys for sale "Yes, the manager." Room attendant crashed kicked. Enron frown, and saw a waitress was about to go out, "You wait." Enron stopped her let her go, then turned into a private room, I saw a man standing on his back about sixty windowsill, aside 'Youranju' is standing beside Zhang smile apologetically. The room also has a pair of men and women gently, while also sitting on a Theme little bit rich state that woman. Enron came not help people see are all surprised a moment, some do not understand what she wanted to do. Enron looked at them eyes, turned and stood Zhang said. "Managers, between this package I have to book in advance before" That Zhang moment, glanced at Enron, then turned around and looked behind him came with cheap nhl jerseys free shipping Enron staff, eyes that seems to be asking whether it is true Enron right. The waiter nodded a little bit embarrassed, should channel "Yes, the manager, Miss Gu last week had already booked this room tonight 630 of the table."