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"Hero, Well, I think you would never expect, and it is estimated that this life when you bear life." Lin is not only a loud voice, and that is cheap kids nhl jerseys china a good amazing hearing, she said that even though Enron was not loud, but every the phone, still fell Lin ears. Enron shame, but know that Lin is now starting his head, but can only try to Peizhuoxiaolian, down her words and said "yes yes yes, what you say it is old." . "Well," Lin Lengheng, but in view of Enron this service too soft, and that anger was subsided a lot, I think she hung the phone before the Pro, then asked "You just said card, library card or any card ah? diploma ah! " Enron at the hands of some of that bright red marriage certificate, swallow swallow, said. "Not a library card is not a diploma, Lin, I ...... I got married, just took out a marriage certificate." Phone there suddenly no sound, quiet and plush heart to let Enron was a bit scared. She even imagine Lin whole person like crazy now. "Gu Enron, where you are now!" Suddenly there came the sound of the telephone explosive anger, almost gave breaketh the Enron eardrum, and then she heard the sound of Ching Cheong, seemed to appease Lin, let her scruples point belly of the child, and then then the phone was hung up, leaving only the sound of the beep beep. She is not worried about Lin, because she knew she would take care of Ching Cheong and well. Enron sighed into the phone to close the bag, and then looked at the hands of the marriage certificate, trance a good half a minute, to put together this bag inside. Back when the company has nearly three o'clock, and came back to the office to sit down and not long after, director directly to the phone, let her go lie down, then director of the office until she was then washed cheap kids hockey jerseys out, hold hands for a whole half a pile high the information and documents, saying that the recent construction of a large city to prepare complex, this is open to the public tender, and the company also intends certainly want to win the case. Throughout the afternoon, Enron in the kids hockey jerseys study and view architecture and design has always been the government building, but the mind is agitated but did not look into what the contents inside. Eyes closed, his head leaning against the leather swivel chair, his hands pressing gently kneading the Sun Xu, suddenly, on the table at this time the phone rang, squinting did not open directly to the phone to get groped, fell by the answer, a little tired, said "Hey ......" voice with weariness. "Work it?" Phone there is a strange and somewhat familiar voice, Enron fierce eyes, took the phone on the front looked Su Yi Cheng, slightly stunned for a second water machine react, slightly some stiff and slightly unnatural asked "? something you" "I come home at night to accompany it, I'll take you to meet my parents." Telephone there, Su Yi Cheng says. "Uh, my mom birthday today, we are a people set a good location to eat out." Enron replied, in fact, to hear him tell him to go home cheap kids hockey jerseys china to see their parents, how much she was unable to adapt some of their own identity now, mainly changing too soon, in the morning or single older woman left, a blink of an eye and now already entered the ranks of married women in coming. "Oh, so ah." Su Yi Cheng said, some long tail drag. Enron nodded, suddenly remembered across the phone, then busy should be a sound, "ah." Suddenly what they thought, spoke and said "? That, that you do have time tomorrow, I, I think we are not the talk." "Tomorrow I want to travel, we talk about it at night, I suddenly thought of something, so be it first, to work in the company's door waiting for me, I'll pick you up." Then, it does not Enron opening directly hung up the phone. Leng Leng looked at Enron, can not help but suspect that the thought, to pick her up, he knows where she's at it?