Seems the webserver that this site is sitting on was doing a bit of barf-and-sputter for a few hours yesterday… and again this morning. Apologies to anyone who found me unfindable, with many packets ending up in the Bit Bucket. You might have gone looking for them as far as the last page on the Internet and found nothing, but in any event all is well now. On this subject, I notice that the WonderPizza website that I mentioned last week is back online. They were having a better day than I was, I guess… they’ve fixed their hosting problems, but I’ve still got to plan a migration to a different box. While I’m busy doing that, perhaps I’ll get around to updating the site look-and-feel. The minor modifications I’ve made to Brian Gardner’s clean and simple Blue Zinfandel 2.0 Theme for WordPress have been able to tide me over alright, but it’ll need some further changes to serve me well over the long haul.