coup d'oeil (part three)

In part one and part two of this blog-intro series, I talked about the notion of business decisions at a glance based on an almost intuitive understanding of the field of play. The phrase coup d’oeil is taken from the military, and refers to the ability of the rare commander who posesses an exceptionally quick understanding of the field of battle and can make strategic decisions quickly. This ability is based largely on experience and analysis at a subconscious level. From this background, the final installment in this trilogy announces what I hope to achieve on this blog.

The largest question in my mind is not if, but how this same characteristic functions in business. What are the marks of this ability in the business people who have it, and how can they —or anyone else— learn to foster this ability? Can they? My working assumption is that everyone has this ability to some extent, and can learn to pay attention to it and grow in it, but for the most part, to excel in it with distinction is the purview of but a few.

With the forgoing as an introduction to the continued purpose of this blog, it is my intention to explore this theme, and to consider strategic concepts and ideas as they relate to business today. I hold a personal interest in business strategy and its related concepts from planning to finance to marketing, and I hope to explore all of these as well as the technology that helps drive business today as various ideas and other writings on these subjects cross my desk or my mind.

Ultimately, I’m in pursuit of what may be an elusive goal, but one I believe is worth the effort. This blog will chronicle that pursuit: in the field of business, I want to explore what coup d’oeil I may already exhibit, and learn to develop it to whatever extent possible, sharing whatever insight I can glean (original and otherwise) along the way.