Killing before someone gets hurt

I am not a fan of and their little widget to produce a useless micro-image of a website when you accidentally commit a mouse flyover on an unsuspecting web link, and I’m not alone. Paul McEnany on Snap: “Ok, I’m begging now. Please, please for the love of baby jesus and buddha and everything else holy, please stop using everybody. I swear to you, if one more thing pops up on my computer just because I accidentally roll over it, I swear, this is going to happen…” A gruesome Youtube video follows.

Dave Winer is complaining about snap too… which is ironic, because the page complaining about it employs it.

Scoble removed his, and Kottke points to the silver bullet… by linking to a page where you can set a cookie to disable them on every site you visit. That one may be the best cookie-link I’ve found online since the DoubleClick privacy opt-out page.