"Odd Jobs" as Professional Distinctive?

I’ve handyman seen service companies sorely tempted (and I confess I’ve been there) to take on whatever work is being offered. This is how web developers become print brokers and graphic designers fancy themselves brand managers. It’s a farce. In the midst of a meeting, somebody asks whether the project can be extended to include an additional service, and the business quietly asks themselves “Why not?” reasoning that it can’t be all that hard. “Of course,” they tell the client. “We do that too!”

The thing is, by diluting the thing that the business was supposed to be sharp at, they attempt to become a jack-of-all-trades, thinking this will open them up to all sorts of new business. But in the end, isn’t it more likely that the business ends up presenting themselves as an “odd-jobs” handyman who will take on just about any little thing for $15 an hour? For some businesses that’s okay. If that’s what you’re after.