Think Differently: Electrical Outlets

My friend John La Grou johnlagrou of Millennia Media and SafePlug is an inventor and an entrepreneur, to name just two of the bullets on his resumé. As readers here will know, I’m big on thinking differently — not an easy trick, but one which gives you the fresh perspective to break out of assumed molds. It’s a skill that is necessary both to inventors and to entrepreneurs. At the most recent TED conference, John gave a very brief TED Talk on one of the inventions he’s worked on, a new kind of “smart” power outlet that reduces the risk of fire considerably more than GFI plugs and standard circuit breakers could hope to do. It’s an idea he and some friends arrived at by thinking differently.

View this talk (it’s only about five minutes of running time) and you’ll likely be surprised at the age of some of this technology (circuit breakers) that we rely upon for electrical safety.

Again though, by identifying a problem and giving it a new approach, lives can be saved.

The same can be true for the life of a business, where business owners can learn to think differently, or engage people who can prod their thinking to see new angles. (And that’s what Strategic Intuition is all about.)