This Week in Tweetsville (2009-07-03)

  • 5 Reasons Your Business Plan Is In A Trash Can #
  • 10 Common Mistakes In Logo Design #
  • RT @estherschindler: RT @barbk_cw: Review: 5 free apps that make project management easier #
  • reading @ducttape Local as Differentiator #
  • Retweet @StartupPro Posted 7 hrs ago, “Technology Doesn’t Make a Business” [1] Ideas are worth nothing outside a business |Right! #
  • @wallybock argh… looks like tinytwitter stripped the link:
  • @estherschindler I always struggle with the idea… the writing is easy for me.
  • celebrating Canada Day @theforks The Duhks are up l8r, then fireworks. Happy Canada Day, all! #
  • RT @KathySierra Please businesses don’t DO “social media” Do “user happiness” which may/mayn’t require heavy/light use of social media tools #