A Wee Bit of Fanfare

TheWritersCollective.org Last night I was at Aqua Books for the official launch of the new website for The Writers Collective of Manitoba, pictured in the tiny thumbnail. Last night I projected some much larger screenshots of it onto a large screen while I droned on about all it could do. Then Eve turned on the “Applause” sign. Not long after that, we ate cookies and drank hot chocolate and punch and beer and wine. But not all of them, and not all at once. My point in mentioning it is that I developed the site for the Collective in the course of my work under the name of WebRiggers.net. I think the site will work out swimmingly for them.

I printed up a batch of bookmarks for them to give away in the promotion of the site. The reverse shows the wordmark and url, and explains what the Collective is all about. On the front, I was trying to be clever. You know, ’cause they’re writers. And presumably readers as well.

ShoottoScoreHockey.com And that reminds me that I don’t think I’ve mentioned the site that we did not long ago for a couple of former NHL players. Shoot to Score is the site for Jamie Leach and his dad, Reggie Leach, “The Riverton Rifle.” Together they’re doing good work running hockey schools, mainly among first nations communities. Again, this is another WebRiggers project. Smaller than the Writers’ Collective’s needs, but was also fun to do.

Come to think of it, many of these projecst are fun to do (or enjoyable, if you prefer) because of the exposure I get to a variety of people in an array of different businesses. I like hearing what people’s businesses are about and how they’re going about it — and I get to meet with a brand new one tomorrow. In the meantime, a wee bit of fanfare for these two new sites.