Power Friending: A Quick Review

Amber Mac, Power Friending Last week I finished Amber Mac’s (that’s Amber MacArthur, or @ambermac; also on Wikipedia) book, Power Friending: Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business [Kindle Edition]. I admit to being hesitant because of the title, which I didn’t really like, but I do appreciate Amber’s take on all things social media, so I overcame my apprehension. And the title can’t be hurting sales — at least not more than is made up for by Amber’s smiling face on the cover. And the book just hit one of the Globe & Mail’s Top Ten book lists, probably because Amber knows her stuff and presents it well.

She lists her three main rules of social media, which are A-B-C, and no, it doesn’t stand for “Always Be Closing”, which is pretty much the antithesis of a good social media strategy. Amber’s ABCs stand for Authenticity, Bravery, and Consistency. She develops each of these somewhat before going on to provide examples of social media disasters and successes.

I was hoping for for a bit more detailed how-to for creating a social media strategy and budget, which the book doesn’t quite deliver — at least not in a step-by-step how-to. What Amber does provide is a solid overview and a list of tools for managing, tracking, and monitoring social media. In this section particularly, I picked up a number of good recommendations. By the end of the book, the reader should feel equipped-enough to outline the broad strokes of a social media campaign, and this is where it shines. Bear in mind that any book on the subject is forced to address it somewhat in generalities because of the rapid rate of change under which the area is developing. And with that view, I think Amber hits the mark.

At 250-odd pages in a 3×7″ book, I appreciated the form factor and the brevity with which she develops her thesis. This is an excellent book for a small to medium business looking to get their feet wet with social media, and should equip people to get started without excess floundering. In this context, I plan to recommend the book to several of my clients.

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