Remember Your Existing Customers

“Oh, you can’t have that special… that’s only for new customers, and you’re already a customer.” Ever heard that line? Makes you want to dump the company, doesn’t it?

Existing customers aren’t as valuable. They’re the bird in the hand that the company would trade for the two in the bush. As an existing customer, an individual is of less value to them — it’s pretty mercenary, like they’ve already got their pound of flesh and have moved on to the next prospect.

Does your cell phone or long distance carrier or your cable company lower rates for you automatically? Or do you have to call and ask to be changed to the newer, less expensive package option?

Offers for first-time customers can be useful, but don’t risk alienating your existing ones with the offer. Those are the people who got you where you are already… and it doesn’t hurt to thank them once in a while.