This Week in Tweetsville (to March 26, 2010)

Another week, another batch of tweets… this represents a selection of pith and linkage to items of note along my meanderings over the last week.

  1. New on Aging Ink: : Word Count for Novels and Children’s Books
    about 3 hours ago via Twitter Tools
  2. RT @dsearls: re: a friend’s report on #sxsw, the phrase “Social every fucking thing there is” was uttered. We have dubbed this #SEFTTI | ha!
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    • RT @fastcompany: Bizarre twst Google v China: CN censorship firewall went world-wide took down Youtube Facebook Twitter
      about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck

      • My to-do list looks like a mindmap with way too many nodes. Brain short-circuiting…. bzz–zzzbttt!
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        • “Realistic” goals are never all that inspiring.
          about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

          • RT @Hicksdesign: Is the reverse true? Do Rock Stars describe themselves as Experienced Senior Developers/Designers to sound cool?
            about 14 hours ago via TweetDeck

            • @AmberCadabra: Is pronouncing Z “zed” a non-US thing? hear from my Canadian, Aussie and Kiwi friends | “zee” is distinctly American only.
              5:43 PM Mar 24th via TweetDeck in reply to AmberCadabra

              • How many assumptions have you tested today?
                2:54 PM Mar 24th via TweetDeck

                • RT @aswinn: The Lost writers think that John Locke is the devil. I disagree: I have seen the devil and he looks an awful lot like AT&T | ha!
                  11:00 AM Mar 24th via TweetDeck

                  • @Syfy Reminder: I’m giving away my AWESOME 2009 #Battlestar Emmy kit to a random person who RTs this by 5pmPT on 3/26 –
                    9:35 AM Mar 24th via web

                    • RT @obsrvationalist: RT @chiatweet: Speech is conveniently located between thought and action where it often substitutes for both.
                      9:15 AM Mar 24th via Twikini

                      • RT @timoreilly: “social rate of rtrn on innovation is grtr than private rate of rtrn on innovation.” Christina Romer at #IdeasEconomy | xlnt
                        7:55 PM Mar 23rd via TweetDeck

                        • RT @davewiner: “In a nutshell, Google is sharing me to death.”
                          7:52 PM Mar 23rd via TweetDeck

                          • RT @JPBarlow: The leaders in China are engineers. The leaders in the US are lawyers. Draw your own conclusions. -Paul Saffo #IdeasEconomy
                            3:36 PM Mar 23rd via TweetDeck

                            • Trying to remember which – if any – computer in the house has a floppy drive… besides the one that needs a BIOS upgrade.
                              2:32 PM Mar 23rd via TweetDeck

                              • RT @MarshaCollier HA! RT @trust555 Ever wonder about people who spend $2 on little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backward haha!
                                1:20 PM Mar 23rd via TweetDeck

                                • Starbucks is playing U2 muzak. Booooooo!
                                  11:34 AM Mar 23rd via Twikini

                                  • @bdgordonatlarge: Trying to embrace the concept that I have absolutely nothing on my agenda today. <– I can fix that.
                                    9:53 AM Mar 23rd via TweetDeck in reply to bdgordonatlarge

                                    • RT @joinred: Don’t miss free pastry day @starbucks tomorrow! Get your coupon here
                                      12:52 PM Mar 22nd via TweetDeck

                                      • Realigning map with timeline to assist with edits for my #novel – just printed a draft for the first time. 48000 words.
                                        12:27 PM Mar 22nd via TweetDeck

                                        • RT @obsrvationalist: If Reader’s Digest® was published on the inside of a Bazooka Joe® bubble gum wrapper, that would be Twitter.
                                          10:31 AM Mar 22nd via TweetDeck

                                          • Post: It’s the Asterisk, Stupid* #advertising #truth
                                            9:23 AM Mar 22nd via Twitter Tools

                                            • Congrats USA on your new health care bill.
                                              7:47 AM Mar 22nd via TweetDeck

                                              • Post: Noted this Week (to March 20, 2010) AM Mar 21st via Twitter Tools
                                                • YouTube accuses Viacom of secretly uploading videos to bolster $1bn copyright lawsuit
                                                  8:34 AM Mar 19th via TweetDeck

                                                  • RT @pamslim: “why you, why now, why this.” – 3 ingredients of describing a great idea. – @janetgoldstein #wtlead
                                                    1:39 PM Mar 18th via TweetDeck

                                                    • If you’re relying on “value-add” to sell your product, odds are your product doesn’t have enough intrinsic value. Rethink. #marketing
                                                      1:12 PM Mar 18th via TweetDeck

                                                      • When I find an interesting site, I’ve started to look for the twitter link before the rss feed. #twitter #rss #socialmedia
                                                        11:25 AM Mar 17th via TweetDeck

                                                        • RT @ducttape Marketing planning is guessing and four other things every real marketer knows – – my column @OPENForum
                                                          11:09 AM Mar 17th via HootSuite

                                                          • RT @alleyinsider: The National Broadban Plan
                                                            8:47 AM Mar 17th via TweetDeck

                                                            • RT @bdgordonatlarge: One last mug…and I’m on the wagon. Is there a 12-step program for coffee? <– No, but there’s the 12-cup program…
                                                              8:15 AM Mar 17th via TweetDeck

                                                              • If you’re taking your organization on someone’s roadmap, you’re not leading, you’re just navigating. Leaders are for destinations w/o maps.
                                                                10:15 AM Mar 16th via HootSuite

                                                                • Are You Born To Be A Billionaire? Forbes assessment: Hey universe, did you miss the memo? I s/b good for 8-9 figures!
                                                                  9:33 AM Mar 16th via TweetDeck

                                                                  • Another no-evil co; even Google gave that up. I’m thinking that’s now bad as flogging integrity.
                                                                    8:54 AM Mar 16th via TweetDeck

                                                                    • @socialmedia2day Tim Berners-Lee Wants Even More Raw Data Now…
                                                                      7:02 AM Mar 16th via

                                                                      • @socialmedia2day Twitter vs Blogging Debate continues… how often should you tweet…
                                                                        6:53 AM Mar 16th via

                                                                        • Effort to Widen U.S. Internet Access Sets Up Battle – NYT: FCC proposes Internet to be primary mode of communication
                                                                          11:50 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

                                                                          • There’s an analogy about the uselessness of the first fax machine. The same is true of the last one. #decliningvalue #fax #analogy
                                                                            2:15 PM Mar 15th via HootSuite

                                                                            • Post: Apple is Bigger than Jesus… or the Beatles. #apple #marketcap
                                                                              1:02 PM Mar 15th via Twitter Tools
                                                                            • If your #web #navigation sends the majority of your visitors straight to your FAQ page, you #fail.
                                                                              11:00 AM Mar 15th via HootSuite

                                                                              • RT @Fneres The real powers of strategic thinkers: “holistic thinking, synthesis, intuition, estimation and emotional literacy.” Daniel H.Pink
                                                                                6:08 PM Mar 14th via web