TEDx Manitoba Participants

The following is an *unofficial* list of TEDx Manitoba participants and their online coordinates. These are the people who — someplace on Twitter — have references that at least imply they’ll be there. The list was built from my TEDxMB Twitter List, so the “@” links and “#” hashtags below are Twitter links. The Bio’s are mostly from Twitter as well. I have only included the speakers for whom I have social media particulars rather than just websites, since (a) the official TEDx Manitoba site already has that info and more, and (b) my intent was more toward connecting/following through social media.

Those who are keeping Twitter lists of TEDx Manitoba attendees seem to have topped out with around 24-28 people on their lists, which is a good percentage of 100, given that Erica Glasier figures that less than 2% of Winnipeggers are on Twitter (70% on Facebook). Matthew Shepherd calculates that the LinkedIn figures are close to Twitter, so I went ahead and started a LinkedIn group for TEDx Manitoba participants, and encourage anyone who plans to be at the event to join the LinkedIn group. Meanwhile, over on Facebook, 567 people “Like” the TEDx Manitoba Facebook page. (Whatever that means.)

I’m hoping to connect with and meet a number of new people at the event, and have begun following them on Twitter as I find them. To that end, I welcome connections through Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Facebook, or here on this blog. If you’re not on the list below but will be at the event, leave a note in the comments section along with any relevant web coordinates.


Laura Madison

Mom, Criminologist, Researcher on social networks,virtual police communities, online crime#Crisisresponder #gov20, Adores ethical & funny ppl CAPSM co-founder; Co-author of CAPSM Report, “A Survey of Official and Unofficial Law Enforcement Twitter Accounts in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States

  • Social: @Org9
  • Robert J. Sawyer

    Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Canadian science-fiction writer

  • Social: @RobertJSawyer // Facebook // Email Newsgroup
  • sfwriter.com // Blog
  • Kerry Stevenson

    Chief Technology Officer at Canada Life, Investors Group, London Life, and Great-West Life

  • Social: @krst // LinkedIn
  • John Weigelt

  • Social: @Thumbtackhead // LinkedIn
  • thumbtackhead.ca
  • Attendees

    Toby Bartlett

    Designer, Visual Artist & New Media Consultant

  • @tobybartlett
  • tobybartlett.ca
  • Tawny Bee

    Finder of lost socks, kisser of boo boos, children’s clothing and accessories designer. A Mommy without a minivan.

  • @tawnykw // Blog
  • Karla Burr

    Designer, whiner, sucker

  • @kbcadet
  • velocitybranding.com
  • Ryan Caligiuri

    Globe and Mail Your Business Columnist, Marketing Champion, Artist, Creative Problem Solver, Martial Artist. Habs and Chargers fan!

  • @RyanCaligiuri // LinkedIn
  • ryancaligiuri.com // Globe & Mail Columns
  • John Evans

    Husband, Dad, Friend, Retired Teacher/School Leader with a passion for Tech Integration and its power to engage students

  • @joevans // diigo
  • joevans.pbworks.com
  • Coree Francisco

    I’m a Digital Marketing consultant improving the quality for businesses in a digital and social world. We are changing the face of business online.

  • @girlone // LinkedIn
  • girlone.com // Blog // livinteractive.com
  • Wally Glutton

    Learn to Question. Question to Learn.

  • @stungeye // Blog
  • Chris Harbeck

    Just a Grade 8 Math teacher trying out new things.

  • @charbeck // Blog
  • Leanne Havelock

    Canadian weirdo, freelance copywriter, web content strategist and lover of all things cheese. Founder, Four Letter Word Media.

  • @4letterw0rd // LinkedIn
  • fourletterword.ca
  • David L. Hebert

    Writer and Lawyer with background in NLP and Hypnosis. INTJ. General Student of the Universe, loves learning about quantum physics! Mad scientist in training.

  • @Lurquer // LinkedIn // Facebook // Blog
  • Scott Jantzen

    Principal of GVC, interested in tech as a learning tool, Web 2.0, strategies for increasing student engagement, photography, dark roast coffee and good food.

  • @ScottJantzen // Blog
  • Andy McKiel

    K-12 Technology Coordinator – Multimedia Producer and Consumer

  • @amckiel // Blog
  • Lisa MacKenzie

    Learner. Leader. Change-Implementer. Boxer. Boxing Coach/Trainer. TEDx Manitoba Committee Member. ISTJ. I like to effect change; I want to make a difference

  • @TypeACubed // LinkedIn
  • Melissa Martin

    Happy writing fun ball.

  • @DoubleEmMartin
  • Helen Maupin

    Right to Joy — I enable clients to reach their full potential using engagement processes that develop awareness, healing and reinvention.

  • @HelenMaupin
  • righttojoy.com
  • Oliver Oike

    Creative Director, Designer, President of MB Chapter gdc.net, dad.

  • @oo // Blog
  • David Pensato

    even less cool than you are

  • @pensato // LinkedIn // Tumblr
  • davidpensato.com
  • Alexa Rosentreter

    Curious mind, generous spirit. General Manager at Merit Motion Pictures. Passionate about inner city renewal in Winnipeg.

  • @ASRosentreter // LinkedIn
  • meritmotionpictures.com
  • Matthew Shepherd

    I’m an Online Marketing Consultant, SEO guy, and Social Media Consultant at Canada’s Web Shop (@canadaswebshop / thewebshop.ca).

  • @MatShepSEO // LinkedIn
  • Adrian J.K. Shum

    Designer at Circle Design Incorporated, Vice Pres/National Rep for GDC Manitoba, Kyokushin karate-ka, avid photographer, blogger and artist.

  • @adrianjkshum // Blog
  • Brent Toderash

    Freelance Thinker.

  • @toderash // LinkedIn // Facebook
  • toderash.net // webriggers.net
  • WinnipegNorthPirate

    Official twitter account for the Pirate Party in Winnipeg North

  • @PegNorthPirate
  • Updates

    A few people to add to the list of attendees:

    Kevin Glasier

    I’m an interactive producer, web designer, and owner of Tactica Communications – an interactive digital media studio.

  • @kevinglasier
  • kevinglasier.com // tactica.ca
  • Alec Holowka

  • @infinite_ammo
  • infiniteammo.ca // bit-blot.com
  • Ben Hopper

    Professional Sales Advisor consulting for all sizes of business in Winnipeg. I concentrate my efforts on sales force training and recruitment

  • @benjrhopper // bta.sandler.com
  • Phil Letourneau

    UI Designer for centrix.ca & freshcode, technology fiend.

  • @philletourneau
  • Dan Messing

    Founder of and developer at Stunt Software, creators of fine Macintosh software.

  • @danmessing // stuntsoftware.com
  • Charlie Resilience

    Author, Researcher, Tech Grrrl and Disaster Manager.

  • Blog // LinkedIn
  • Ian M. Rountree

    Online Marketing Specialist

  • @IanMRountree // LinkedIn
  • ianmrountree.com
  • Don’t forget to check the comments below for additional participants!