Vintage Ad: IBM 129 Keypunch

Yes, Virginia, we really used to write computer programs this way. This ad is from 1971, when IBM introduced its last key punch, the 129. The first in the series was introduced in 1964. Notice the simple ad copy, which actually includes sentence fragments… from “the company behind the computer.” Those were the days.

I used one of these in the early 1980s, and I don’t recall the buffer allowing me to correct before the card was punched, so it must have been an earlier model. I combat the impression of me being that old by suggesting that I was using outdated equipment at the time. Hey, my high school was in the process of converting things over to the Commodore SuperPET. Yup, that’s a 1MHz processor with 96KB of RAM. In Internet years, this is prehistoric material of the type Indiana Jones might unearth. Hmmm, maybe I am old.