Curriculum Vitae

Brent R. Toderash, BA


Brent R. Toderash

A freelance thinker, writer and strategist, Brent Toderash is a strong analytical thinker with perceptive intuition. A “big-picture” thinker, he excels in the role of reviewing business models and strategies with an eye to long-term effects. He possesses both solid intellectual and insightful soft skills, and is able to employ both in a variety of capacities. His wide array of proficiencies include cogent writing skills.


  • MBTIINTP Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving (scoring very high on intuitive).
  • KTS (Keirsey) — Architect, in the temperament of the rationals.
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0: Strategic, Deliberative, Relator, Ideation, Intellection
  • Enneagram Type Five, The Investigator with a “Four-Wing” (The Individualist), or “The Iconoclast.” 5w4’s have a more intuitive than strictly rational approach to knowledge.”
  • Maven — As described in Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. (Maven)
  • Catalyst.
  • Intelligent. Analytical. Intuitive. Perceptive.
    Researcher. Cognitive. Strategic. Thinker.

Career Overview

Freelance writer & consultant.
Entrepreneur, Manager, & Consultant, Rainy Day Software Corp.
General insurance broker; professional designation of CAIB.
Post-Secondary Education & early work experience (including insurance industry).

Instructor, Panelist, Speaker

Panelist at Emerging/Missional Church seminars: Providence College & Seminary Emerging Church Conference with Gary Collins, Ph.D. et al; PAOC Leaders’ Conference with Leonard Sweet, Ph.D. et al; Mennonite Church(es) of Manitoba Pastor’s Conference with Len Hjalmarson et al; Panelist & Workshop Presenter, The Great Emergence conference with Phyllis Tickle et al.
Marketing Course Presentation Review/Judging Panel, University of Winnipeg; several occasions for courses instructed by Mr. Russ Reimer.
Insurance Institute/Brokers’ Association: Discussion Lead, seminar moderator
Religion & Theology instruction through local churches: itinerant instructor through local church; trips to Indiana, Cancun, British Columbia. Teaching/preaching in local churches, including guest lecturing for a post-secondary training program and inter-church seminars and a variety of church small group and congregational settings.


Chapter Contributor, ViralHope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs (and Everything in Between), J.R. Woodward, ed.
Contributor, Beautiful Marcy: A Book of Hours
Fresh and Re:Fresh — Church Planting in Canada Post-Christendom, ed., with Len Hjalmarson (forthcoming from Allelon Publishing)
(Occasional) —  The Penguinista News Linux/technology news aggregator/blog (site relaunched October 2008)
Pseudonymous Emerging/Missional Church Blog, more than 2,000 entries; ranks globally among the top blogs in its niche
Various articles and reviews commissioned by The Anglican Journal, Christian Week, et al.
Proofread & provide editorial comment during writing process for Post-Charismatic by Rob McAlpine
That You Might Believe: Praying Advent with the Gospel of John (published pseudonymously)
Chapter contributor to Voices of the Virtual World, (Pseudonymous) under the award-winning Wikiklesia Project
2005, 2007 & Websites (Pseudonymous)
The Penguinista News (archives), Linux/technology news aggregator/blog; writer & editor (4½ years)
Church ministry manual (occasional & periodical works)
Providence College student newspaper; course work

Website Consulting

various clients including,,,,; roles include project coordination, software design, selection, installation, and customization, copy writing, site coding in html, css, and php; minor maintenance using ASP in Windows environment.
numerous projects; roles included analysis, architecture design, website design, coding html and css, project management, interface design, and copy writing.

Event Coordination

Committee participant or manager for a variety of events, including:

June 2007
Missional Church seminar with Alan Roxburgh.
Six inter-church conferences attended by 100‑1000+ per event.
Youth Encounter (Providence College).

Rainy Day Software Corp.

Generally, all aspects of managing a small business enterprise, including

Management (General):

  • Accounting; Business Planing & Forecasting
  • Vendor & Strategic Partnership Management
  • Develop & Document Procedures
  • HR & Corporate Culture
  • Business Development

Management (Specialized):

  • Development and Adjustment of Business Models
  • Business Strategy
  • Product Desing & Development
  • Technical Design/Architecture
  • Corporate Branding/Brand Management


  • Website Design & Programming
  • Website Strategy
  • Bid Management
  • Technical & Business Consultant, Analyst
  • Project Management

Representative Projects:

  • NRT Network Construction (WAN for Internet; municipal partnership project)
  • WBN Network Construction (WAN for Internet; Industry Canada project with municipal partners)
  • Business Plan & Network Engineering for rural broadband, including management of RFP process (multiple projects)
  • Wireless Network Expansion projects in Roseau River, Fisher River, Swan River
  • Various Software & Creative Projects, LAN Deployments

Media Coverage & Interviews

  • CBC Radio One
  • Wireless Broadband Business Magazine
  • Case Study (Industry Canada)
  • The Steinbach Carillon
  • The Interlake Spectator
  • The Stonewall Argus
  • The Selkirk Journal
  • Decima Publishing’s Report on Wireless
  • The Ottawa Citizen
  • Wi-Fi (2 articles)
  • The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) Newsletter
  • TelephonyOnline.Com
  • CHVN Radio
  • CHEX Television (CTV Affiliate in Peterborough Ontario)
  • Linux Today (Article by Joe Barr)



  • The Manitoba Writers’ Collective
  • The Daily Scribe
  • 9Rules
  • American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)


  • Winnipeg Central Business Association (WCBA)
  • Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
  • Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP)
  • Mensa
  • Insurance Brokers’ Association of Manitoba (IBAM)
  • Insurance Institute of Manitoba (IIM)



  • Graduate Degree: Master of Arts, Providence Seminary (not completed)
    Major: Biblical Studies
  • Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Providence College
    Major: Biblical Studies (including liberal arts, psychology, counseling, public speaking)
    Extra-Curricular: yearbook (photography); junior class committee; drama club (scene design & construction — major productions included The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe & The Diary of Anne Frank), technical services (scene design, sound reinforcement & lighting) — major productions included David & Saul tour; Youth Encounter Committee (youth conference); School Newspaper
  • Grade 12: Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School
    Significant courses: business, law, marketing, accounting, and computer sciences
    Extra-Curricular: drama club


  • WaveRider certification (wireless technology)
  • Leviton structured cable design & installation course
  • Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB): Insurance Broker’s Association of Manitoba (IBAM)
    Course material: insurance, risk management, and business management
  • Professional Development: Insurance Broker’s Association of Manitoba et al
    Various courses specific to general insurance industry

Past & Current Hobbies & Interests

  • Photography
  • Reading, Book Collecting
  • Writing
  • Wine Making

Community Service

Local church involvement, positions included church leadership team and various group/ministry leadership positions.
Trip to Hong Kong, Macau, & China (Campus Crusade for Christ).