Disclosure Statement

The practice of posting some form of disclosure statement has been taken up by some bloggers, and I follow their example in offering the following statement of disclosure.


“Show me the money!” Right?

Books & Other Schwag

From time to time, publicists will send me copies of books with stated or unstated hopes of a mention or review. It is not my practice to promise a review before receiving a book, because if it doesn’t hold me, I won’t finish reading it. My time is more valuable than that. I may mention any number of books or authors, but if I do so approvingly, it is strictly on the basis of merit. If I review a book I have received for free, I will generally state this to be the case. I have not sold specific post content or recommendations on this blog.

Advertising & Affiliate Programs

I’ve experimented with advertising on this site but have cut back on the ads. They don’t pay that much and I don’t want to detract from the content. I’ve done the same with some affiliate programs, but have only retained a few. Most of the Amazon book links are affiliate links for which I gratefully receive a small percentage of sales. Usually I blow that and more on books again anyway. I also include affiliate links for DreamHost and GoDaddy, both of which I use and recommend.

How I Actually Earn Money

Obviously I don’t make my living blogging, though there is some indirect income associated with the practice. Mainly I make my living consulting on and delivering the types of products and services about which I blog, namely website development plus marketing and business consulting services. I am also an author and exercise my craft of writing as part of what I do for a living.

Third-Party Attachments

Attachments and biases aren’t always strictly about the money. Though come to think of it, even when it’s not, it somehow finds a way to affect the money.


From time to time, I may mention clients or projects that I’ve worked on. I don’t mention them all, but there’s normally no real rhyme or reason to it, so it’s no slight against them if I don’t drop their name. If I recommend them, it’s because I mean to recommend them and not because I’m paid to (advertising excepted). I try to limit work for clients I can’t recommend, for obvious reasons.

Boards & Associations

I am a member of the board of directors of Rainy Day Internet (Rainy Day Software), where I am a major shareholder and where I spent all of my time from 2000-2007. Other associations and memberships, including on a volunteer basis, may vary from time to time.

Preferences & Biases

Okay, sometimes there are biases that aren’t all about money, or at least aren’t supposed to be.


I’m a supporter of Open Source technology, and have built this site and many others on WordPress, carefully coding the html, css, and php using vi on the Linux servers at DreamHost.


Maybe I shouldn’t broach one of the two major topics that shouldn’t be discussed in civil company. When people ask about my politics, I generally tell them I’m in favour of the secret ballot. If pressed, I might call myself a Red Tory, partly because I like the way it attempts to defy neat categorization.


Since I’m on a roll with taboo disclosures, I’ve also got religion of some kind or other. I’m not that religious, but self-identify as being in the Christian tradition (the better parts of it, anyway). Under the pseudonym of Brother Maynard, I have written, published, and have been associated with what is or has been called the emerging/missional church.

Policies & Assurances

Eventually, I have to make some kind of reassuring statement — or at least let you know what to expect besides 50% More Pith.

Editorial Policy

I rarely pull posts once I’ve put them online, even if I change my mind about something I’ve said. The older the post is, the higher the chance that may have happened somewhere along the way. Times and situations change, and so may the opinions I’ve voiced in the past. I let pretty much any comment pass unless it’s offensive, spammy (hate the spam), or if I can’t figure out what the heck it’s trying to say. My discretion, you’ve gotta live with it. I won’t withhold a comment because I disagree with it — in other words, you don’t have to be right to comment here, just civil and on-point with no ad hominem attacks. You can go for the jugular, but it has to be that of the thesis, not your opponent.


Names and email addresses collected on this site are mainly for the proper functioning of the comment system. I won’t ever sell them because I hates the spam… but I don’t 100% rule out sending you an email sometime down the road when/if I start an occasional mailing list. If that happens, you’ll get an easy unsubscribe link and I won’t get offended if you use it. But once again, your data is not for sale. If you wants the spam, let me know and I’ll forward you all of mine.

Why I Do This

After reading all of that, the obvious question is why on earth I’m doing this. The answer is that I’m just daft enough to enjoy it and just distracted enough to do it, though not enough of either to be as consistent at it as I really want to be, deep down. The blog, the Twitter stream, and the other online accoutrements are there for clients, associates, and colleagues to read and be wowed by their insight, and to freely put it to use. Or to mock me with, whichever. If you find what I write helpful to you in your business, I’m glad for that, and I’d like to hear from you. If you find it so helpful that you’d like to hire me to consult a little, I’d like that too.

My Promise

I’ll do my best to stick to what I said above, and won’t lie to you about it. I may someday be tempted to break some of these principles by plunking down a big suitcase full of cash in front of me. If that happens, I’ll try to let you know in advance, but I’m not holding my breath and you don’t have much to fear on that count.

If any of this presents a real problem for you, send me a complaint: . I’ve been known to listen in the past sometimes.