WordPress 3.0 Beta 1

WordPress Logo I’ve just upgraded my test blog to WordPress 3.0 Beta 1, with the new default Twenty Ten Theme. It’s yet another beautiful evolution for my favorite CMS, WordPress. That’s right, I didn’t say “blogging engine”.

I’ve been using WordPress as a CMS for a while already, and no, there’s no reason a WordPress site has to look like a blog, or that it even needs to look particularly “WordPress-y,” though a lot of them tend to. The giveaway is often in the post comments area, which a great many themes do not bother to customize very extensively, though they should. (Mine is customized to a degree, even if not extensively.) I had read someplace that in 3.0 it would be easier to customize this part of a theme, but I haven’t dug that deeply. In any event, a theme developer with a modicum of php-chops should be able to hack out a custom look for it even in the old system.

Scripting News Turns The Big One-Oh

Congratulations are due Dave Winer of Scripting News, the longest continually running blog on the Internet — April 1, 2007 clicked past on the weekend, marking ten years for the site. That’s right, Dave Winer was blogging on Scripting News before there were blogs. For posterity, he has archived the original page from April 1, 1997… just in case you don’t remember what the Internet looked like in 1997.