Whither the Computer Desktop?

Another of my articles on technology has popped up at CIO.com — this one titled “Divining the Future of the Client Desktop Environment.” In it, I ask if the bell is tolling for the computer (client) desktop as we know it. The piece itself is something I got to thinking about, pulling together various threads following a conversation with Brian Stevens, CTO and VP, Engineering at Red Hat, which I’ve mentioned before. Most of that conversation actually ended up

Using Linux in the Enterprise

CIO.com has published another article I’ve written, “Seven Financial Reasons to Use Linux in the Enterprise” — like the last one, it’s a point/counterpoint style of arrangement giving reasons to use or not use something. After I got raked over the coals for puppy-kicking last time, my editor said I’d earned a positive assignment. In other words, this time I’m defending the position I actually hold. The premise on this one is restricted to the enterprise (rather than small business) and focuses on financial reasons, both of which make sense given their audience.

Since I’m not on the dark side for this one,