The Three C's of Web Strategy

Ten years ago I was educating people about what they might expect from their websites. For many medium and small businesses, it was their first website, and they wanted to know how it was going to make them money. Nowadays, a web presence has become a part of almost every business’ “price of admission”. Ten years ago, you weren’t credible without a business card and a Yellow Pages listing, and people were already seeing that before long a website would become a part of the minimum credibility standard.

How Primus Should Empower its User Community

As I mentioned, I recently put Primus to the test in moving to their TalkBroadband product and (finally) away from my ILEC. I gleaned a number of things from the early exchanges before signing on for the service, which I’m very happy with. Yes, I’m probably a difficult customer in that I looked to test them early and have drawn some significant conclusions from a minor exchange… but I think the inferences I draw are supportable. So what’s the fly in the Primus ointment?

Customer Service: Does it Still Count if You're Forced?

Terry Heaton took himself down to CompUSA a month or so ago, and found to his surprise that the store was going out of business, and a big sale was going on. He splurged, purchasing a number of items, which came out to $3,300. One of the items was a $269 Canon A620 digital camera — good choice. Unfortunately, when he got home and began to unpack all his new electronic baubles, the camera box turned out to be empty. You’d think that’d be a very obvious oversight and one that the store would quickly remedy. You’d be wrong.