Googlebot Timing

I’ve heard zenni_googlebot good things about Zenni Optical, but what a bad time for the Googlebot to attempt to crawl the site. If your business depends on website uptime, you need to have a complete duplicate of the site on a separate server and a separate development environment (sometimes these can be the same, so two copies instead of three). The whole point is to minimize downtime during maintenance windows. Bad luck for Zenni. (Click to enlarge, etc.)

Twitter to Unseat Google?

An article on TwiTip this morning says Twitter will replace Google search. Excuse me? My first response is that this prediction is like trying to convince a gardener that the hoe will replace the spade. It seems we have a need for both, if you ask me. I’ve been using Twitter lightly for a couple of months now, mostly for following a few Twitter streams that are of interest. This is, in fact, how I found the article with which I’m disagreeing. Twitter is in fact a highly useful tool, provided you apply it to the proper job… and though it can be used in this way, search is not the job to which it is best suited.

The article uses the example of a business professional who needs three images for a presentation the next morning, and can’t find the specific ones she wants on a stock photo site.  Turning to Twitter,

Googlezilla: is Size Inherently Evil?

Google I’ve often wondered about the relationship of corporate size and corporate wrongdoing. Is there a connection beyond the coincidental, beyond what one would expect statistically by the fact that more people means more opportunity for wrongdoing? One of Google‘s well-known guiding principles has always been “do no evil.”1 I have to credit them for the gutsy move of putting it right out there like that… but you know eventually it’s going to draw criticism. Given Google’s now-gargantuan size, this motto, and a recent event or two, it only makes sense to see if these dots connect with my recurring question about size and evil.