WordPress Community in a Firestorm over GPL

Themeforest AuthorsA week ago, Jake Caputo was barred from participating in WordCamps as an organizer, sponsor, or presenter. The reason for this is based on the licensing under which his themes are sold by Envato’s Themeforest. This move, somewhat predictably, has caused a fair bit of division in the WordPress community. Envato’s move to a split license does not contradict the GPL, but it does go against the WordPress Foundation’s stated policy on WordCamp participants, which asks more of developers than does the GPL. The discussion has ranged from what is permissible under the GPL to whether Matt Mullenweg (and the WordPress Foundation) is right in their stance on the issue, to what theme authors should be allowed to do with their themes to whether releasing under the GPL is morally better than other licenses. All that, and what “doing the right thing” means in this context.