The Main Point of the Internet

Hugh MacLeod really captures it sometimes, even if you sometimes have to pause a minute to decide whether you agree or disagree, and in what way. That’s how it is when he explains the main point of the Internet.
Perhaps the Internet has helped redefine “socializing” as well. But it’s just that — the Internet is all about connecting. Whatever your ulterior motive, it’s about connecting first. And even if the Internet really only represents a potential cash cow in your mind’s eye, if you don’t connect, really connect, it won’t ever become that for you. So consider what it is you’d like the Internet to be for you, then ask yourself: “What kind of connections do I need to make in order for that to take place?”

Three Keys for Exchanging Business Leads

Being in business and networking rolodex_card_holder for any length of time inevitably leads to referrals, and these are the best form of business leads to convert into clients. It surprises me at times how nonchalant some people can be about giving or receiving these recommendations, so here are three solid tips for exchanging leads:

  • Get the Ball into Your Court. When someone is telling you about one of their contacts who needs your services, don’t just pass along some business cards and wait for the phone to ring. Pass on the business card, but get the name and contact information so you can initiate contact and ensure the initial conversation actually takes place.

Cronies of a Feather

I’m thinking today about the benefits of having cronies. by_a_beer Not in the pejorative sense of the word “cronyism” but in the simple business-oriented sense of the term. Looking back over my career, I can spot a number of invaluable contributions from various friends and business acquaintances shared over a beer.

The value one can get from discussing business problems and ideas in an informal context with a few trusted colleagues can’t be overstated. This doesn’t have to be a meet-with-your-guru kind of thing, though sometimes it is done with a coach or consultant. But if you have or can find a few business owners or professionals like yourself to meet as peers and toss around ideas or pick away at challenging problems, it can be enough to keep you in the game when you seem to his a wall — and it can do the same for them as well.