This Week in Tweetsville (2009-06-27)

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  • 49.82 -97.20
  • enjoying starbucks customer service
  • Rt @gtdguy Clutter is in the eye of the beholder. Me: has anyone seen my office???
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  • RT @estherschindler: RT @BrianBlanchard: Who’s to blame for IT Failures? | (via @EffectiveCIO)
  • The only reason more Americans don’t own an elephant is they’ve never been offered an elephant for $1 down + easy weekly payments. – Mad Mag

The Ingredients of Innovation

I enjoyed a recent post on Wally Bock’s Three Star Leadership Blog about innovation — Wally contends that ideas are easy, but innovation requires work. He quotes Robert Tucker, who said: “Anyone who has ever taken a shower has had a good idea.” He may be right… I had a great idea in the shower today too… and a good strategic one at that. The ground he covers from there is to illustrate how some ideas die on the table, and others get killed.