Simple Rules: Creating Viral Anythings


There’s a simple rule about rules for creating viral anything, whether it’s viral video or tweets or photos or whatnot. The rule is this: anyone who tells you how to do it in a step-by-step way is just blowing smoke. If they could do it that easily, they wouldn’t be talking to you about it, they’d be off using their pixie dust to command obscene amounts of consulting fees — and there’s no way they’d give away the secret sauce for free.

Mean Joe Greene & the Old Spice Manly-Man

Isaiah Mustafa in Old Spice ad Jian Ghomeshi’s Q on CBC is running with guest hosts during the summer, and the August 3rd show was hosted by Terry O’Reilly of Age of Persuasion fame. (listen online) The first 20 minutes are Terry’s exploration of the Old Spice campaign with Isaiah Mustafa that’s getting a lot of press after going viral and running a hugely successful real-time social media dialogue with their spokesperson.. Amid the interviews, Terry talks with the pair responsible for the creative on this project and considers how the campaign is out of character for parent company P&G — the whole segment is worth a listen.

The Customer Has the Podium

united-airlines-logo.jpg Customer service will never be the same, thanks to the Internet. Those who deal with the public — especially in the complaints department — need to remember that failing to impress the customer at a critical moment could backfire in a very big way. In Internet time it’s already old news, but the aftermath of United Airlines declining liability for a guitar they broke is going to cost them far more than the cost of a guitar. Even a custom-built one. Maybe they didn’t know that Dave Carroll was going to launch a viral video. Maybe they weren’t paying attention to Terry Heaton’s visit to CompUSA. In contrast to United, Taylor Guitars responds with helpful information about traveling with your guitar — they’ve also offered to repair his damaged Taylor 710ce, and have given him his choice of a new guitar.